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wp-cli: The WordPress Swiss army knive

Handy commands

wp plugin list –update=available

BCS Bristol: Autumn School: Developing your Mobile App

Dipped into the BCS Bristol’s mobile series for some ‘getting started‘ tips from expert mobile app developers.

Excellent talks by Scott Alexander-Bown & Kieran Gutteridge. More about the speakers and the slides are available on the BCS website.


I’ve just returned from a great conference, FLOSSIE 2013.  It was very inspirational and I met some great people.  Upon my return to work, I delivered a brief presentation to my work colleagues at the ILRT/R&D at the University of Bristol.

Further highlights coming soon.

Git cheat sheet

  • git pull – updates your code
  • git diff
  • git diff –cached – compare locally staged commits
  • git diff master origin/master – compare local repo with remote repo

DjangoCon Europe

This week I will be mainly attending DjangoCon Europe. Hallo Amsterdam!


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